Somewhere Called Now is the story of four, "less-than-mature", college students who place an ad on the internet, claiming they're an accomplished espionage group. In truth, this is the brain child of the team's eccentric leader, Frank Brise, who is simply trying to raise money for next Fall quarter.

      Much to their amazement, the ad is observed by an international terrorist organization who kidnaps, then blackmails them into cooperating. Being used as a decoy, while a second professional squad investigates the appearance of unnatural Nuclear readings emitting from a military instillation, the four Savannahians soon find themselves in communist North Korea, bumbling towards their objective.

     Through a bizarre chain of events, they discover it is not an advanced weapon's program being developed, but rather a time displacement device, which a few corrupt generals plan to use to conquer the past by means of modern technology.

     The team stumbles onto the machine, accidentally transporting themselves and the device, into history. There, they discover the inventor's notes and piece together the mysteries at hand.  

     Using a laptop for an interface, the group attempts to work themselves back through time to their own period, opening the door for many adventures, along with some bizarre lessons in human nature.  What is old is new again.